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The Clarity Planner

The Clarity Planner

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Achieve balance & joy while growing your biz with the Clarity Planner 🎉

The Clarity Planner is THE ONLY planner specifically designed to help you take daily action on your business goals without ignoring the fact that you have a family to take care of, too.

With the Clarity Planner you’ll get a proven process to set business goals you can actually hit so you can grow your business faster.

And the undated format means you don’t have to wait for January 1st to come around to start working on your business goals - you can dive into the Clarity Planner whenever inspiration hits you!

Do I have to wait for January to use the planner?

Nope! The planners are undated so you can start using it whenever you want.

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  • THE GROWTH GUIDE ($45 Value)

    Feel like you're grasping at straws and can't quite figure out where to spend your time to actually grow your business?

    Inside the Growth Guide you'll learn exactly what to focus on to make the most of your limited time and grow your biz like crazy!


    Not quite sure what goal to set or how to go from big idea to profitable business?

    No worries - you'll also get examples of great goals to set at each stage of your business to make sure you're focused on the right things to increase your sales.

  • TIME TAMER GUIDE ($25 Value)

    Feel like you're already juggling too much and can't possibly add more work to your plate, even work you really, really want to be doing?

    Inside the Time Tamer guide you'll learn a simple process to help you take control of your day so you can build the business of your dreams & enjoy your life along the way.

You've been trying to get your business off the ground for what feels like YEARS at this point - but the rest of your life keeps getting in the way.

At this point you hate telling people about your "future" business.

You're ready AF to get that puppy up and running so you can start making money and finally feel like all the planning and stressing is paying off.

You've tried setting New Year's resolution but those feel exciting for about 5 seconds before the toddler starts screaming and your back to dishing out an endless stream of snacks.

You don't need more free webinars, templates or cheatsheets - you KNOW what you need to do, you just need to figure out how to actually get it done.

With the Clarity Planner you'll get the guidance and accountability you need to finally build business that pays the bills!

Here's how the proven process inside the Clarity Planner works:

> Every 90 days you'll narrow in on your 2-3 goals and then break them down into bite-size pieces so you know exactly what to work on each day to grow your business.

> Every month you'll pick one goal to focus on so you can reduce overwhelm, eliminate multitasking and give your exhausted brain a much needed break.

> Every day you'll prioritize the handful of bite size steps you need to take to make sure you stay on track to hit your goals.

> And at the end of every 90 days, you'll review your progress with a goal recapping process designed specifically for small business owners to help you track the metrics that matter most as you grow.

With a little help from the printable Clarity Planner, you can start hitting your goals in as little as 90 days and finally get your business back on track!

Answers to your big questions:

What makes you a goal setting & business planning expert?

Before I launched my own business I worked for big name retailers like Target, Bath & Body Works and Finish Line (all US-based, name brand companies.)

I spent most of my time there building and revising sales plans and got more than my fair share of experience setting goals for businesses ranging in size from $300K a year to 8-figure businesses.

All of that experience gave me a leg up when it came time to create achievable goals and action plans for my businesses.

I'm so excited to share all of that hard-earned knowledge with you inside the Clarity Planner and the exclusive bonuses!

Is the planner dated / do I need to wait for a certain date to start using it?

Nope! The Clarity Planner is undated so you can start using it today. No need to wait for January 1st or some other random date to start crushing your goals!

How will I get the product after I purchase?

As soon as your payment goes through, we'll get to work shipping your planner.

You'll get a separate email with a link to access all of your bonuses.

Do you offer refunds?

Email us within 14 days if your planner was damaged in transit and we'll happily replace it for free!