Hey there! I'm Michelle.

Mama of 3, successful biz owner x 2 and an expert at growing Shopify stores.

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I help entrepreneurs like you finally get the traffic & sales they need to quit their day jobs.

In fact, I've been featured on:

  • "The Quickstart Kit actually has helped tremendously ! Thank you so much for creating this. I was super anxious and lost prior to purchasing this now I have the shell of my website put together. Now it’s a matter of inputting the pictures and etc."

    - Chamaya H.

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    - Courtney Junker Fout

  • "Fabulous, a great buy - wow - so easy to watch and understand."

    - Michele

  • "Have it. Use it. Love it. Easy to follow and understand. Small digestible sections so not so overwhelming. And my sit is coming along nicely!"

    - Jill Ross

So how do I help people get quality traffic & daily sales?