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Essential Ecom Emails

Essential Ecom Emails

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Connect with your customers and increase your sales quickly and easily with Essential email marketing templates for online stores, online boutiques and product-based businesses.

Steal the email templates, swipe copy and subject lines I've used to drive over $20 million in sales for my private clients and have your very own highly engaging, sales-driving emails up and running by the end of the day!


You've heard rumors about email marketing being the only marketing channel that's drives $40+ for every $1 you spend (the rumors are true, more on that later) but...

Figuring out what to say and when to send it leaves you with a serious case of writer's block and everyone's super vague about what to send, who to send it to and WHEN to send it:

Should you be emailing everyone and their mom every day?

Are you just supposed to say "buy now" and hope the sales roll in?

And what about "value"?

Do you need to be providing "value" to your audience (and what even is that when you're selling physical products that you can't - and shouldn't - give away for free)?

You know you should sit down and write your welcome series -- I mean, they often drive 10-15% of a shop's revenue so they're kind of important -- but you personally hate reading emails and you don't feel like a great writer so it's hard to even find the motivation to get started.

And setting up Cart Abandon emails? Do those even work? (Yes, yes they do.)

If this is sounding familiar, I feel you friend!

After helping big name US retailers build their email marketing programs I took everything I'd learned and set up the same automated email series for my shop, The Graceful Goose.

Sure enough, my Welcome Series started bringing in sales on auto-pilot, my abandon cart rate dropped by 30% and I was making almost $43 for every $1 I spent on my email related expenses.

And the best part?

I wasn't having to do a SINGLE THING - I wrote the emails once, set them up to run and then let them do their thing while I focused on driving traffic and filling orders.

Inside Essential Ecom Emails, I've bundled together ALL of the templates, tips and tools you need to help you ditch writer's block once and for all and FINALLY get your highly engaging, sales-driving emails up and running by the end of the day.

Plus I'll even tell you when to send each one to get the best results AND how to lay out your emails for maximum "click-ability."

Inside Essential eCom Emails you'll find templates and swipe files for your new:

- Welcome Emails
- Cart Abandon Emails
- Thank You Emails
- Pre-Launch Emails
- Launch Emails
- New Arrivals Emails
- Sale Emails & much more!

To help you:

- Engage new subscribers
- Turn browsers into buyers
- Re-capture abandoned carts
- Create raving, repeat purchasers
- And generate a steady stream of consistent sales!

You could hire an agency to write and build each of these emails for you (each one would cost $1,000+)...

OR you can grab the proven templates inside Essential eCom Emails and have your high converting emails ready to go by the end of the day!


How to Access Your New Email Templates:

Once your purchase goes through, you'll get a link to access Essential Ecom Emails.


Due to the digital nature of this product, I cannot offer refunds of any kind. Please make sure you fully read the description before purchasing.



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